A Noble Dilemma

A Noble Dilemma by Susanne Marie Knight is a traditional Regency with a sweet romance and some interesting historical details. In the story, a young woman, Bethany Branston, who has experienced little in the Northumberland village where she has nursed an ailing aunt is invited to stay with relations in London. Among those she meets in her new London home is David, the Earl of Ingraham, whose good looks and charm immediately appeal to her. Secretly, however, Bethany plans to be an author, believing that she will not receive an offer of marriage and must find some means to support herself. She fears that Lord Ingraham will not approve of her writing and keeps her endeavors a secret from him.

Bethany's desire to be a writer serves as an intriguing start to this novel, however, the conflict of her writing, is simple and resolves easily. The characters of Bethany and David are appealing, but lightly drawn. Their initial and instantaneous attraction to each other is understandable, yet there are few events in the story that deepen their relationship. A few of the historical details, such as the mention of David's involvement with the Foreign Office and political events of the era are extremely tantalizing, but are never developed more than an initial mention.

While some aspects of this novel may leave readers wishing for more, fans of light Regency romance will find that A Noble Dilemma's characters are likeable and the sweet romance builds to a traditional happy ending.

Book Blurb for A Noble Dilemma

After Bethany's elderly aunt dies, she is left without a home. When a distant relation, the Earl of Ingraham, offers her a London Season, it would seem to be the answer to her dilemma.

But Bethany has no interest in attracting an eligible suitor. She has other plans for her future. Her dream is to support herself by writing a novel, following in the footsteps of her favorite author.

However, literary ladies are frowned upon, not only by Society but by the Earl, who is smitten with Bethany's beauty and character.

Fretting about her guilty secret, she agrees to further intrigue by acting as secretary to one of the royal dukes.

Will Bethany give up her chance for true love to continue her writing career? Or, will the Earl find a way to solve this noble dilemma?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2011 3.50