Yours for the Night

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Yours for the Night

Stories about three women who find themselves employed by a discrete escort service called Courtesans.  They are women in control of their own destinies, who choose this lifestyle for the power it gives them.  But how did they reach that point?  What makes a woman choose the kind of lifestyle that most would consider taboo and downright dirty?  Isn’t courtesan just another word for whore?

I started reading this book anticipating a hot steamy read.  I got much more than I expected.  All three stories were unique and well-written.  But each story took an in-depth look at what drove the main characters choice of profession.  Money, power, and affirmation.  Each women needed a bit of all three, but one reason was the driving force.  They each suffered and persevered to get where they needed to be, and while all of them started out as courtesans, not all of them would stay that way.

The first story about Marianna had a fantasy Pretty Woman feel to it.  Dominique’s story was more about soul searching and realizing her worth without measuring herself against her ex-husbands values.  The final story, about Noelle, initially turned me off but ended up being my favorite of the three.  Noelle was a woman who took a hard look at herself and her choices in life and decided to embrace her true self, and stop hurting herself and the men around her.  I can’t really describe the experience I had reading this book, other than it was just that; an experience.  Steamy, sexy, and provocative as well as thought-provoking, I can’t recommend it enough.  Not to be missed.

Book Blurb for Yours for the Night

Three steamy linked novellas.

Transformed into mistresses of the night, three women discover that sometimes fulfilling your deepest desire is the most dangerous thing you can do.

Meet Marianna Whitney, Dominique Lowe, and Noelle St. James-three ordinary women who discover that becoming modern-day courtesans can help them satisfy their clients' most extraordinary fantasies, as well as their own.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2009 4.75