You're Kitten Me

Tiger Tails, #2

This series is shaping up to be quite the mystery. There is a person or organization bent on acquiring an unmated female and forcing a mating. Why? I can think of many reasons, but the real one will be a whopper I’m sure.

We met Ronnie and Braden in the first book, and this is all about them coming to terms with what they mean to one another and letting go of past mistakes and experiences to embrace it. The current climate of fear doesn’t help things at all, nor does Ronnie’s standing as an Alpha’s daughter and Braden’s position as National Second for his pride. And there’s the little problem of Ronnie being a wolf and Braden being a tiger.

I learned a lot more about mating for different shifters and also a lot they have in common. And that fear can settle into the bones of even the fiercest. Most of the book was foreplay for Braden and Ronnie as they tried to maneuver what they wanted, how to get it, and to keep everyone else out of their business. Both characters were likeable and the story moved along nicely.

Violence is a given in this series, and I really liked the glee that some characters took in inflicting pain on those who wronged them. Totally politically incorrect, but I’m an eye-for-an-eye kind of girl. When the couple finally got "busy” it was worth the wait; now I have to just wait for the next book for more answers about what is going on in the background.

Book Blurb for You're Kitten Me

Want to mate a wolf? It's easy. Just make him—er, her—howl.

Braden, the Second in the national weretiger pride, put Veronica on a plane back to wolf lands for her own protection. With DoPE—the Department of Paraphysical Entities—secretly determined to control shifters through any means necessary, he needed her out of harm’s way. Especially since “any means necessary” includes the forced mating of the daughters of alphas to humans of DoPE’s choice.

But going home didn’t keep Veronica safe—DoPE still went after her—so now she’s back in Wilden… Back with him. With her so close, her delicious scent calling to him, taunting and teasing him at every turn, he’s not sure he can resist the curvaceous, delicious Veronica much longer. Screw it. He can’t. He wants her and he’ll figure out a way to have her—even if he is a tiger and she’s a wolf.

Except DoPE hasn’t given up. They have new tricks up their sleeves—deadly ones—and they’re resolute to test them on Braden. Can he survive their tactics and keep Veronica safe?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2015 4.50