Worlds Apart

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Worlds Apart

Samantha is Captain of the Starship Grier and earned it the hard way. Through fighting and earning the respect, if not fear, of her crew. As alone as a person can be she makes the tough choices that make her a good captain. Then fate strikes and she finds herself crashed on a planet inhabited by genetically engineered slaves long left to their own devices. Trying to mesh her crew with these mistrustful people is going to be a challenge, as well as her own attraction to their leader, Griffin.

Griffin leads his people as best he can. Fighting tradition as well as the harsh planet they live on, he’s overwhelmed when Samantha and her crew crash on his planet. Instantly drawn to her he concludes she is his intended mate: the one he can bond with both emotionally and psychically. Withstanding the bigotry of both their people as well as an unknown assailant determined to bring down the colony, they both fight to survive. Can they bring their two worlds together?

I was thoroughly into this book in the beginning. Well written and well paced, I was able to follow the story and felt the tension and emotions building between Sam and Griffin. Then the author took a sharp left turn and lost me. Adding an incident that caused a rift between Sam and Griffin could have been done differently. The story jumped from them being together to Sam feeling pain after they had been separated a while, and this was too abrupt. Rather than ease into the story line change, the reader was thrown into the middle of a crisis and it was very distracting.

The initial joining of Sam and Griffin was very erotic and enticing, and I looked forward to more. Unfortunately I didn’t get it until much later, and it was missing the magic that was present in the beginning. As stated, the relationship changed drastically and the reader was left to struggle to catch up. My most profound problem was if they were psychically connected, how could Griffin believe what he was told and hurt Sam the way he did? While it all worked out in the end, as all good romances should, I felt this story could have been more.

Book Blurb for Worlds Apart

CATEGORY: Sci-fi/Futuristic Erotic Romance.
ELEMENTS: Adult Situations, Mature Language, Violence and Strong Sexual Content.
Two cultures?one dusty planet. Intergalactic relations have never been so hot.
Starship Captain Samantha Grier has only two options?crash land her warship on an unknown planet inhabited by God knows what, or drift through space. She never counted on becoming part of a colony of barbarians, or becoming the center of attention for their illustrious leader?a man more than capable of claiming both her heart and her body. Too bad not everyone is thrilled by the new sleeping arrangements.
Griffin can?t believe his good fortune. Not only did the humans arrive just as their power grid was failing, but their Captain is a vision of beauty. With blue eyes and fair skin, he knows instantly that she?s his intended mate. But claiming her is the easy part. When brutal attacks bring the two cultures to the brink of war, will he be able to keep the colony together, while maintaining his role as her mate? Or will the tension leave them worlds apart?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 3.25