Wolf's Capture

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Wolf's Capture

Kodiak Point, #4

My lament holds true - if only Kodiak were real! The story line continues, so definitely not a standalone. Brody is the focus of this story, and we are all familiar with him by now. Former military, he's really bored in Kodiak but stumbles onto more adventure than he bargained for when he follows a bunch of animals in the woods. His curiosity gets him thrown into a cell, and casts him as potential hero to Layla's damsel in distress.

Layla may be a prisoner but she's not helpless - just realistic. She's numbered her escape attempts and has learned from each one, but now she's holding off until she feels her chances are better. Enter Brody. She's suspicious because her captor is cagey, but after much witty repartee she and Brody reach an eventual truce and she has to struggle with the attraction she feels. A captive most of her adult life, she's never had a relationship, physical or otherwise, with a man.

The chemistry was quick but so was the trademark snark. The verbal sniping between Brody and Layla was entertaining, as well as the inner conversations Brody had with his wolf. There is a big reveal at the end and hallelulah! It's been driving me nuts who the protagonist has been. I liked that Layla stayed true to her convictions concerning Brody, even when the "master" tried to play on her insecurities. The identity of the "master" cleared up some confusion but then created more. I will be keeping up with this series due to more than just it's entertainment value; I'm invested in Kodiak now and look forward to reading more.

Book Blurb for Wolf's Capture

She might think she’s captured the wolf, but in the end, he’ll take her heart.

Brody is a soldier who misses the excitement of the military and its missions. He retired to work as clan beta in Kodiak Point. Talk about boring, until he's captured by a foreign enemy.

Him, a prisoner?

Not for long. This wolf will do anything in order to get away--even if it involves seduction.

First step in plotting his escape: pretend interest in a woman. But Layla isn’t just any woman. She’s special.

Not human. Not shifter. He doesn’t know what this exotic lady is other than his.

A prisoner for years, Layla isn’t sure what to make of the enemy who shares a cell with her. He promises her hope, but that would involve trust. Despite her doubts, she can’t help but be drawn to him. Unacceptable which means she does her best to drive him nuts.

Working together, can they escape the clutches of the enemy?

And do they dare fall in love?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2015 4.00