Wish List

Stephanie Martin had a marriage with a man who couldn't commit. That didn't end well. Now she's being pursued by Nicolas James, a colleague at work. He appears to be cut from the same cloth as her ex so she avoids him at all costs. That doesn't stop her from weaving fantasies around him, or foolishly writing them down in the guise of a naughty Christmas wish list. When Nick finds her list that missed the garbage can when she discarded it he finally knows his feelings are reciprocated. All bets are off as he turns up the heat on his pursuit of Stephanie, who it is quickly becoming obvious to Nick is his "one".

This was a quick hot read that was cute as well as carnal. Steph had good reasons for her resistance, and the year that Nick was made to wait actually helped him focus on the real reason behind his unquenchable thirst for her. Romantic love wasn't something Nick was familiar with and his year of longing illustrated what love really is as nothing else could. I didn't understand the need for the "secret" or really for Steph's hesitance concerning her secret. That drew away from the story for me rather than add to it. But I enjoyed this holiday treat nonetheless.

Book Blurb for Wish List

When Nicolas James draws Stephanie Martin's name in their law firm's Secret Santa exchange he knows he's in for a merry Christmas-if he can figure out what to give the woman he's wanted for months. When he works late and finds a crumpled piece of paper listing Steph's personal wish list, he knows he's in luck. Because all Steph wants for Christmas is him, in a number of naughty ways.

And not-so saintly Nick is going to make every one of her carnal wishes come true.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 3.75