Wilde Chase

Wilde Brothers

I really liked both human characters as well as the canine one. Chase played a huge part in Ben’s life and Kelly was totally on board with that. Her life’s work centers around animals after all. While I understood Kelly’s decision about her job, I had to wonder at her sense of self-preservation sometimes, but then there wouldn’t be a story, would there? The chemistry between Kelly and Ben was believable and enviable

Ben is one of five brothers and has always been the quiet one. But if he wants a chance at the woman on his radar he better get moving. When circumstances regarding her workplace place her in danger, Ben and his K-9 co-worker Chase put themselves on the job to the woman they both think the world of. I really enjoyed the family interaction that highlighted the relationships Ben had with his four brothers as well as his parents. These are normal people living normal lives and that made the story a refreshing change of pace amidst all the shifter and paranormal books on the market right now. Very well done evolution of a professional relationship to personal one, with lots of spice and humor along the way.

Book Blurb for Wilde Chase

Police Officer Ben Wilde is married to his work, and he wants a divorce. A third generation cop, he knows the price his career demands, but he still hopes for more out of life than taking down criminals and late nights with his canine partner, Chase.

Veterinarian Kelly Towers loves all animals, but she has a special place in her heart for Chase and Ben, his human handler. When her clinic is broken into, it brings the sexy Chicago cop and his four-footed partner to her door, and the sparks that have been smoldering between them finally combust into flames.

Two passionate souls, two demanding careers, and too many secrets lead to a wild chase...

Be Warned: spanking

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2014 4.00