Wicked Game

Being the town librarian leads to certain assumptions about her personality. Ruth is anything but the expected. When she confides her deepest fantasy to her best friend in the local coffee house it’s overheard by Dominic Sullivan. Dominic stars in all of Ruth’s fantasy and little does she know he feels the same. What’s holding him back? His preferences run to the dark side and now that he knows Ruth likes the same, he’s going after her. And he’ll make a fantasy or two of hers come true in the process.

Whew! This was so steamy my glasses fogged up. Actual intercourse doesn’t really occur until late in the book but who needs it with all the foreplay going on? Webcams, public places and sex toys abound as Ruth and Dom tip-toe around each other until they are comfortable enough to be who they really are. And we the lucky readers get a front row seat.

Book Blurb for Wicked Game

Wicked Game is the stand-alone sequel to At Their Command.

Ruth wants something wicked. Something a nice girl would never wish for—to be taken, tied up and forced into pleasure. Hands bound, mouth gagged, blindfolded—she wants, needs, to be utterly helpless as a man brings her to orgasm again and again. But not just any man. Ruth’s darkest fantasies always star Dominic Sullivan.

Dominic knows it’s wrong but he can’t help himself. Whenever he’s around Ruth, he longs to bend her over or force her to her knees, to give her pleasure and take his in return. After overhearing her confess that she wants someone to abduct her for raw, primal sex, he hatches a plan that will give them both what they most desire. It’s a wicked game they’re playing, a game Dominic plans to win. Especially since the ultimate prize isn’t just Ruth’s body—it’s her heart.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2012 4.00