Wicked Enchantment

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Wicked Enchantment

I really enjoyed this story as I was a big fan of “I Dream of Jeannie” and always wondered what it was really like in the bottle. Yes, we saw scenes of it but there had to be more than that! Keeshan isn’t cute and dressed in scarves; he’s gorgeous and naked. Hurrah for evolution! The bummer is he is also cursed to spend a short span of time with a woman in the lamp, fall in love, and then she is sent back to her life while he waits another century for another woman.

Aimalee is a woman dedicated to her craft. Unfortunately, she is taken advantage of by her boyfriend as she immerses herself in history. Her boyfriend won’t acknowledge her in public and that should have been her first sign of trouble but she is the trusting sort. When she finds herself ensorcelled and ensconced in the lamp she is leery but quickly is overcome with the magic that brought her there. As she and Keeshan connect (boy do they!) and communicate more is revealed to the reader about Keeshan’s circumstances and how he ended up cursed.

I can’t say much more without spoiling the read but it held a few surprises for me, and if I’m not mistaken will perhaps have a sequel. I really enjoyed the author’s portrayal of Keeshan’s self-flagellation for his “crime” as well as Aimalee’s innocent embrace of the wonder of what she was experiencing. A good read.

Wicked Enchantment was originally titled Lust Eternal. The book has been reedited under the new title.

Book Blurb for Wicked Enchantment

Consigned to a magical prison, Sir Keeshan has suffered torment after torment for thousands of years. The curse of a powerful Djinn entombed him in the lamp, damning him to an eternity of pleasing the women the lamp brings him, but never knowing true love. Every hundred years or so, a new woman appears and they are both are ensnared in an enchanted web of dark desire. And then, just as he grows to care for her, she is spirited away, back to the world.

Such is the nature of his curse.

But when Aimalee arrives, Keeshan knows something is different. She is different. And his feelings for her are undeniable. He has no idea how long they will have together and, desperate to not waste a second of his time with her, Keeshan cannot help but indulge his every craving…and hers.

When the clever minx helps him solve a mystery that has been haunting him for ages, he can’t help but hope she may be the one to help him break the curse.

Hope is a dangerous thing in Keeshan’s world, especially because he knows her departure, when it comes, will destroy him.

This magical, fantasy romance with a twist from Sabrina York was previously published as Lust Eternal and has been re-edited and re-covered.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2013 4.00