Whenever We Meet

Angela Reynolds is finally living. Widowed young, she has discovered her niche in the world of interior design. When she travels to Stephen Montoya’s domain to bid for a job decorating his new hotel, she wins more than the contract. Stephen is an older man who has a dominant personality in all aspects of his life. He sees Angela and wants her and pursues her with a single-minded purpose. Angela is aware of this but is confident she can do the job and keep Stephen at a distance. This just entices Stephen more, engaging his alpha personality, and he is determined to make her surrender to him. And to love.

A battle of wills between a young innocent and an experienced predator. Take a guess who is going to win. Actually, they both do. Stephen respects Angela's reluctance and asks her for one thing.  To kiss him hello and goodbye whenever they meet.  A compromise to get her comfortable with him and his desires that he makes no attempt to conceal from her. 

Angela comes to the conclusion that while Stephen is overwhelming at times, he’s got her best interest at heart. He will protect her at all costs, even if it’s from himself. While Stephen woos her, she makes it clear she doesn’t want an affair. So he asks her to marry him to honor her wishes. It seems that while he was trying to woo her he seduced himself and fell in love as well.  She says yes, as he makes her feels things her husband never could. Her relationship with Stephen is freeing rather than stifling.  The joining of their lives, emotions, and bodies makes for a very erotic read that is a step above the norm.

Book Blurb for Whenever We Meet

Young widow Angela Reynolds doesn’t need a gorgeous older man pursuing her while she asserts her independence professionally and personally. But hotel magnate Stephen Montoya won’t permit this sweet, vibrant beauty to escape him. When he demands she kiss him each time she enters and leaves a room, the two of them discover that some passions cannot be denied—or tamed.

When Stephen asks her to marry him, Angela knows she wants his tantalizing body inside hers for heart-pounding intimacies she’s only imagined. But she’s unsure if she can surrender completely to this dominating man…or give up her newfound freedom.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2010 3.75