When A Lioness Snarls

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When A Lioness Snarls

A Lion's Pride Book 5

I was so prepared to not like Luna, her behavior was a bit off putting as I settled into the book. But as things progressed, I started to see it for what it was. More importantly, so did Jeoff, the object of her pushy feline advances and snarky remarks.

Jeoff is so stiff and prudish you want to check for the stick up his butt. Luna eventually wears him down, as it were. When he finally lets go Luna isn’t quite sure what to do with what she has unleashed. And so the dance begins.

A mystery pushed this story along quite nicely and added fodder for the next several books, I’m sure. It packed quite a “whammy” that will allow for some interesting turns. The book moved along steadily with plenty of drama, steamy teasing and the occasional dead body. Former main characters in previous books were present as well, adding to the sense of family and community that surrounds the pack. A delightful read.

Book Blurb for When A Lioness Snarls

Stalking is only a crime among humans. In a lioness’s world, it’s called dating.

Jeoff, is a bit of a killjoy, a super cute one who gets furry on full moons.

But so does she.

Luna is everything Jeoff is not. Outrageous, outgoing, and violent. Very violent, and unafraid to go after what she wants—and she wants Jeoff.

Silly man, he thinks he can resist, but once a lioness sets her sights on a man, paws off! And if anyone thinks to try and take him… There’s a reason why the ladies of the pride win the yearly award for Baddest Biatches.

Fear the claw. *Snarl*.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2016 4.50