Whatever Maura Wants

Peridot - Short Story

Being a high-level demon, Antonio sees no problem recovering a lost peridot for his boss from the unsuspecting mortal Maura. Able to conjure, cast spells and read her mind what could possibly go wrong? Only just discovering the stone before Antonio’s arrival, Maura isn’t sure who it is from or why she received it. But she’s not complaining. 
Maura is a giver in the hopes someone will give back. But all they do is take. Her dream to be the receiver is about to come true in a most unexpected way in the form of Antonio. And he’s prepared to give her more than she ever imagined and in the process give more than he planned. With his magical abilities, will she even remember their brief encounter?
A quick side trip out of hell turns into more than Antonio could ever have dreamed. His life of debauchery as a willing contracted demon are up for renewal. Will he continue his current jaded lifestyle, or trade it all in for a chance at true love and happiness. 
This was a quick read that packed a lot into a small space. Fantasies realized, self-discovery, and a steamy love story. If only everyone could have a birthday like Maura’s!

Book Blurb for Whatever Maura Wants

Maura wasn’t expecting anything special for her birthday. So when she spots the enormous peridot lying on her coffee table, she’s quite puzzled. But that stone is nothing compared to the present that shows up at her door. Antonio is a tall, smoldering hunk who seems to know her every wish and need—and how to fulfill them.

Antonio arrives at Maura’s doorstep on a mission—to recover a prized peridot. High-level demon that he is, he can’t afford to piss off his boss. But although Antonio’s the one with magic powers, Maura has him under her spell the second he walks through her door. Sure, he’ll have no problem seducing her, but can he swipe the stone and escape with his heart intact?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2008 3.00