What a Queen Wants

Ruler of her country since the age of five, control is all that Elizabeth has.  But is that what she wants or needs?  The only way she can relax is through orchestrated interludes with her guards.  While she has physical release, she is emotionally denied.  When a man appears before her in court and defies her at every turn, she is alternatively infuriated and intrigued.  Who does he think he is?

Gavin Court appears before the Queen of Magonia to plead his case.  While she is beautiful, Elizabitch (as he thinks of her) is cold and unfeeling.  He can’t help but ruffle her feathers.  But when she punishes his insubordination by putting him in the stockade, he plots his revenge.  When two people who have brought discipline to an art form collide, who will cave first?

At first I was turned off by Elizabeth’s cavalier treatment of her men.  Unconcerned with their feelings or satisfaction, I had no sympathy for her.  But as I read on the author made me realize the bigger picture.  As with Elizabeth, Gavin also appears self-centered and conceited, but it was just a shield as well.  Both knew something was missing but weren’t looking for it.  Until it appeared right before them.  While a happily ever after was in the making, it was rough going and they were rather harsh with one another.  While not a fairy tale of love, it was an intriguing tale of realizing what you truly need and actually getting it.

Book Blurb for What a Queen Wants

Book Length: Novella
Elizabeth Orleans has just been tied up by three large men. She must submit to their demands or she will never be set free. When their sexual game comes to an end, she dismisses the men with a flick of her wrist.
After all, Elizabeth is the Queen of Magonia and these three men are employed by her to cater to her endless sexual desires.
But after thirty years of being in complete control, strikingly handsome prisoner Gavin Court—not only arrogant but seemingly immune to her luscious charms—is about to show her how good it can feel to get what she really wants.
Publisher's Note: Originally appeared in the Crown Jewels anthology.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2009 3.75