Born to Rule Book 3

While the romance has been absent for me in this series, Rayne so far has the worst of the bunch when it comes to destined mates. It's not her fault he had a predetermined expectation concerning her appearance, but she is certainly bearing the brunt of his anger for it. Duncan is a cold, verbally abusive idiot when it comes to dealing with Rayne. He is the educated one but seems to be having difficulty grasping the reality of the situation he is in.

Rayne is a product of her environment and it shows. She can't read or write, or even count. But she has common sense and a strong will to survive. Submissive to the point of stupidity sometimes, she also has her own thoughts and views but chooses to keep them to herself.

The story moved along right where the previous book left off and the reader is given more information about the land they are to revive. Each woman's "gift" ensures a successful mission but still, how this process was determined is a mystery. While the same ritual is performed to release the power of the bride, it is obvious to me now the catalyst is not the sex but rather something more elusive.

A rocky start led to a harmonious union for Duncan and Rayne, but I had my doubts in the beginning. A must read if you've read the previous books.

Book Blurb for Water

Duncan is filled with rage. All through the long journey from Mu Arae 7 he’d envisioned his bride as an opulent, curvaceous, dark-skinned beauty, and he’d ended up with short, thin, light-skinned Raine. He wants to ignore her but the call between them is too strong. He claims her with lust and desperation, not love.

Raine accepts that she’s Duncan's slave, but she’s also determined to explore the underground well. With or without his permission. With so many obstacles against them, can their lust develop into love?

Be Warned: anal sex, forced seduction

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2015 3.00