Warriors of Surtu

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Warriors of Surtu

Terra was trained all her life and finds out her purpose was always a lie. During the biggest catastrophe of her time, she figures this out amidst the invasion of an alien race intent on enslaving the women of earth. Did it ever occur to the Surtu to just ask?

Jidden is on board with the plan to save his people one hundred percent, but has doubts that escalate when he observes the sheer will of the women he’s encountered. Many will die during the crusade and for what?

Jidden had more common sense than most but kept secrets too. Terra was a dedicated warrior but she too had doubts about what she’s been told and what is expected of her. And through it all these two manage to fall in love. Terra was the major focus of the story and it was told from her perspective. Jidden just popped up here and there, but it made a difference when he was involved. The majority of the story was fighting the Surtu and preserving the human race.

This was originally a serial and that’s the form I read it in. I enjoyed the story immensely and while it ended satisfactorily I would have enjoyed an epilogue with more details.

Book Blurb for Warriors of Surtu


They came for us sixty years ago. We called them the Depraved. We later learned the proper name was the Surtu.

After we get done with them, they will be called the Defeated.

We've been waiting sixty years for our chance to fight back. Last time, they took all our women, and we were defenseless. This time, the women are going to kick their ass back to their home planet.

No one has seen a Surtu for decades. We tell our children they are monsters. I will be surprised to discover they look like gods. Cold. Hard. Sexy.

One, in particular, will be impossible for me to ignore.


We came for them sixty years ago. We needed women. We didn't care where they were from as long as they could mate with us. They were called humans.

Now they will be called our wives.

We've been waiting sixty years to make sure our offspring are viable. They were easy to conquer before. Now, we're the vanguard of a Surtu fleet. We've had a taste of their women, and we want them all.

I'm only here to advance my career. I will be surprised to discover that I can't stop thinking about one particular Earth girl. She will capture my heart, she will tempt me to sin, and our love will be forbidden.

I won't care.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2015 4.00