Wanting a Mate

Quick & Furry, #5

The shifter world is apparently flourishing if there is a dating agency dedicated to it, and when Holt and Chloe separately attend a mixer, it is packed with the hopeless and the hopeful. Both Chloe and Holt fight off unwanted advances until the scent strikes and then it’s game on with Holt in hot pursuit.

This quick fun read focuses on the finding of the “one” and the immediate acceptance (and sex) that goes with it. With the animal biology of both Chloe and Holt leading the way, these two go from hi to bed without stopping for pesky details like names. Almost. I find the instant assurance of love and fidelity attractive in this story as I’m sure most would. Nothing like a little guarantee to make the speed of the whole process more palatable.

Chloe has her mom following her every move in an attempt to find her a mate. Holt, while craving a family as he gets older, hasn’t made any moves in that direction. His brother Archer does that for him, with the backing of their mother. Two mothers determined to get their kids mated; what could happen? The fun was in the meeting of the mothers. These two matriarchs went at it until their (now) united offspring send them on a whole new mission; they better deliver on the motivation. I look forward to more.

Book Blurb for Wanting a Mate

Sometimes a gal’s gotta admit defeat and decide how many cats she’s gonna have when she’s old and crazy…

Chloe Hall has tried every dating website out there and continues to connect with duds. Then her mother signs her up for a new dating—mating—service. Human or shifter, everyone is welcome as long as they’re looking for love and not their next bang. Chloe doesn’t care if her mate roars and sheds or howls and smells like wet dog. He’ll be hers. It’s not until she meets Holt—a massive, muscular, totally gorgeous werecougar—that she realizes she really will become a cat lady, and he absolutely drives her crazy.

Werecougar Holt Moore’s animal is restless and craves things that scare the shit outta him: a mate, cubs, and a white picket fence. It doesn’t seem to remember that cougars are solitary animals in the wild, which also applies to his human half. His cat is too dominant to tolerate other shifters and when he’s on two legs, he towers over every human he meets. He’s big and mean and that’s how he likes it. Then he meets Chloe—curvy, luscious, human Chloe—and realizes he needs to add “possessive” and “biggest asshole on the planet” to his list of traits. Well, not all relationships are smooth sailing.

The M&M Mating Agency – They deal in matings, not chocolate.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2015 4.00