Waiting so Long

Everyone changes, but Daniel is still the annoying little brother of his best friend from childhood in Vayle's mind. Until he sees the gorgeous man he's become who is standing on his doorstep. Agreeing to let Daniel stay while his apartment's plumbing is repaired completely slipped his mind until Daniel arrives, and then Vayle is struck speechless by his immediate attraction and lust for a man who is off limits. But Daniel is not thirteen anymore, so why is he off limits?

Daniel makes no pretense about his desire for Vayle, and is open about his how long he's had his attraction. When Vayle resists for the "right" reasons Daniel pours on the seduction and fortunately, Vayle can't resist. Dreams can come true.

This was a fun and graphic romp. Very detailed in the sex scenes, maybe too much for my taste sometimes, but hot and sexy nonetheless. I loved that Daniel was so open and blatant in his flirty seduction, and made no excuses when a possible roadblock rang Vayle's doorbell. Vayle was honorable but it was misplaced, and I was relieved that wasn't used as an excuse to draw out the drama. These two generated enough chemistry to keep the story moving along nicely all by themselves. The ending was touching and romantic and gave my girlish heart a flutter for the happily ever after. A good read.

Book Blurb for Waiting so Long

Growing up, Vayle’s best friend’s younger brother Daniel was a pain in the ass. When Daniel shows up on Vayle’s doorstep, expecting to stay with him for a few days, Vayle discovers the last twelve years have transformed Daniel from a gangly, awkward pain in the ass into a confident, smoking-hot stud.

Daniel’s only too happy to see Vayle again, but the prospect of being roommates with his first love has his stomach in knots…and his cock throbbing. This time around, Daniel’s determined to win Vayle over—even if it means getting down on his knees to beg properly. 

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2011 4.00