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The Tunsey Men, #2

Mallory Tunsey has been on the receiving end of abuse from a boy who turns out not to be a boy. She has pushed him too far and he spanks her without thinking of the long-term consequences. Seeing as how he bared her naked and beautiful bottom for the punishment he is honor bound to wed the girl. Victoria Arrington is about to become Mallory's wife. Why can't he just marry her twin who looks and acts as a woman should?

Love at first sight and Mallory mistakes it for loathing. Clueless man! But we the readers know differently and I for one delighted in the unconventional courtship. Poor Victoria is just as clueless and having immersed herself in pretending to be a man doesn't know where to turn. Her ultra-feminine sister is no help as she lusts after Mallory for herself and as the story progresses becomes a threat. As Mallory and Tory wander through their relationship they finally become aware of what is really happening and that makes this story all the more delightful. With a surprise twist and subterfuge their love is put to the ultimate test and love wins the day. A read not to be missed.

Book Blurb for Victoria

Mallory Tunsey is having a rotten week. Abused, then attacked and shot at by a dark haired hellion who dresses like a boy, he’s spurred into retaliation.

And so is she. Victoria Arrington dislikes not being treated as an equal to men.

But under the rough exterior and ragged clothes is a beauty well worth the fight. Can he win her love and keep his skin?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2011 4.50