Vexing Voss

Coletti Series, #3

Ah, the fun continues and just keeps getting better. This is book three in the Coletti Series. As a member of the Jones family Zoey has the gift of being a Siren, a psychic warrior. Her greatest gift is her shields, which have kept her from being captured and claimed by a Coletti mate. Little does she know her days are numbered and she’s being hunted.

Voss is chasing Zoey with a vengeance, and she will be his mate. He’s never had a prey elude him for so long and that just makes her that much more desirable. When he finally exposes her he wastes no time in marking her as his, but is it enough?

Loved this story and the entire series. As stated, this is the third book and in my opinion you MUST read the previous two, if just for the fabulous snarkiness, let alone a complex story line. Too much information would spoil things but this is just as fast-paced as its predecessors, but with less steamy sex. I was a little disappointed in that aspect, but look forward to more in this universe where we are snack food.

Book Blurb for Vexing Voss

Voss, the Overlord's Battle Commander, was determined to make me his mate. I was equally determined it was never going to happen. When my clever disguises, skunk perfume, stun gun, smoke bombs and tranquillizer darts failed to stop him, I was forced to negotiate my surrender. I would willingly agreed to mate with him, if he would help me find my Mother's killer. To my surprise, he agreed. We soon discovered that Malik, the deadliest villain in the galaxy, was behind her death. Our quest to bring him to justice leads to unlikely alliances in an interplanetary war.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2013 4.50