Velvet Valentines

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Velvet Valentines

Derek has an engagement ring in his pocket for Elise. She is everything to him and he loves her above all else. His past life has never, and in his opinion, must never touch her. But when Elise stumbles onto an invitation to Master Derek, his love acts like the lawyer she is and questions him about it. Now a past he left behind is front and center, and Elise won’t let it go.

Elise questions everything about her relationship with Derek after finding the invitation. She investigates what being a master is and instead of being repulsed is titillated. Determined to give her man what he needs, even though he denies it, she sets up a Valentines Day surprise at the club he used to frequent. Now she does has to get him to show up, and show her the real man.

This was a powerful story. The love and devotion of both Derek and Elise was conveyed through their determination and sacrifice. But should love be built on sacrifice? Elise didn’t think so, and rather than live a lie she pushed ahead and made Derek show himself to her completely. Very hot to read and really made you think about what your lover might be hiding. Part of a series but can be read alone. But why would you want to?

Book Blurb for Velvet Valentines

Elise and Derek have the perfect relationship. Or so she thinks. When she discovers an invitation to a Valentine’s Day Bacchanal at Club Velvet Ice, she begins to wonder. Especially since it’s addressed to Master Derek. Forcing Derek to come clean about the secrets of his past also forces Elise to confront her own desires, as Derek puts her love--and her courage--to the test. Now they must discover if they have the strength to trust in their own feelings, and in each other, so their love can survive.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2010 4.50