Velvet Submission

Velvet Ice, the club where anything goes if you can make it to the second and third floors. Gregori is head of security, but also a submissive. He needs pain with his pleasure, a by-product of growing up in Communist Russia. Gregori now uses pain as a source of strength and is looking for that special woman, a Domme, who can handle giving him what he needs, and taking what he needs to give; love. He’s found her but she wants nothing to do with him. She has her own issues.

Megan grew up under the thumb of her father. As a result she sees D/s as a way to get back her power. But it is never mixed with sex. That is where she gives up her control. She can’t see a way to mix the two, and refuses to entertain the idea that it can be done. Until Gregori.

A major tug of war went on through this book. Both Gregori and Megan have baggage that could fill up a semi, but instead of letting it destroy them they use it to make themselves stronger. When these two collide, it’s not a question of who is stronger, or who wants to win. Neither needs to lose and both can win if they can find a middle ground. I enjoyed reading about a woman being the Domme and a man being the submissive. It doesn’t make her a bitch and doesn’t make him less of an alpha male. A provocative and steamy read that showed another side of a D/s relationship.

Book Blurb for Velvet Submission

Gregori learned all about pain and submission in Communist Russia, but it wasn’t until he came to America that he was able to make sense of those lessons. Now he’s learned to take the pain and make it the source of his strength, and he’s looking for the Domme who can command his soul as well as his body. Megan sees D/s as a power play; for her it’s not about sex, it’s all about control. She’s not the Domme for Gregori, she knows it. So why can’t she walk away from the sexy Russian? Because all she wants is Gregori’s Velvet Submission.

Molten Silver: Warning: this book contains a wicked-hot Russian submissive who always gets what he wants, a steel magnolia of a Domme who knows how to put on a show, anal and sensation play, and a good ole boy who gets schooled. 

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2010 4.25