Vampire's Witch

Going against her mother’s wishes, Serena Blackwood works with the protectorate. The youngest daughter in her family, and a witch, Serena likes helping. When she is injured by a vampire on an assignment, she thinks nothing of it. Until she starts to notice changes. Seems she’s becoming a vix, or a female vampire. Afraid to reveal her secret, she undertakes another mission for the protectorate with a sexy vampire named Marcus Castillo to catch a rogue. Like she didn’t have enough stress to begin with, Marcus makes no bones about his attraction to her and pursues her as they pursue the rogue. And he’s pursuing the secret he knows she’s keeping. As they work together, they become closer. And the rogue gets more daring.

I enjoyed the interactions between Serena and Marcus, but thought the story got a little bogged down by the plentiful interactions with the rogue. This organization was supposed to be elite, and the rogue kept slipping away. Made things a little hard to swallow.

Marcus seemed resistant at first, but some comments and actions threw me a little. Things he wouldn’t be saying if he was the confirmed bachelor he made himself out to be. Serena was a little too sacrificing and opinionated for my taste. Thank goodness Marcus didn’t take no for an answer. I felt the chemistry just fine, and the encounters were steamy and hot. A good read.

Book Blurb for Vampire's Witch

Length: Novel

Serena Blackwood can’t believe it when she learns she’s becoming a vix. Finding that she has to work with sexy vampire Marcus Castillo to catch a rogue vampire only adds to her stress. She’s unbelievably attracted to the hunky man but knows staying near him will increase the chances of her jumping his bones—and Marcus discovering her secret.

Marcus knows the witch working with his team is hiding something. She’s beautiful and talented and he wants to know the mysteries she’s hiding almost as much as he needs to know the feel of her body moving against his.
But the rogue has plans of his own and unless Serena and marcus work together, they could lose everything.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2010 3.75