Up in Flames

Entwined Fates

I really struggled with the Mundi angle and I don’t know why. I’m used to the women in this series being strong and unafraid. Perhaps that was my hold-up; Cara was dealing with more fear than anyone should have to, as well as life changing events piled one after the other. It left me feeling a little overwhelmed, and also difficult to trust her feelings for Hayden.

Poor Hayden, he fought himself the hardest of all. His morals and medical oath really put him through the wringer as he struggled with his desire for Cara. And I was glad it did. But hey, he is a man after all. I thought the author did a wonderful job showing his struggle and eventual failure in a positive light. And she certainly knows how to pen a steamy seduction scene regardless of who is doing the seducing.

If I were Hayden, I’d think twice about ticking Cara off. As she evolves emotions through the book she’s also introduced to the darker ones and they emerge in some bloody ways. While I know she would never hurt Hayden, I’d still have some reservations.

I’ve read this series faithfully and enjoyed this book like the others. With more than one future relationship hinted at between other characters I anticipate more to come and really can’t decide which one I would rather read first. This is another good addition to a spectacular long-running series.

Book Blurb for Up in Flames

Series: Entwined Fates; Previous Book: Her Pirate Master

Cara Nubel is a trained Mundi, an emotionless assassin, but she's also the only child of Bellara's ruler Chancellor Nubel. When her planet erupts into civil war, her father is murdered, and Cara is forced into a crude cryosleep chamber in order for her to escape.

Dr. Hayden Marcone is shocked to find the chamber floating in space in the middle of the Military shipping lanes. When he finds a body inside, he's even more shocked. The recorded message she carries tells who she is, who to contact and why her survival is important, but Hayden's only concern is whether or not she'll even remember her own name once she comes to.

When Cara awakens, she's weak, confused, and surprised to learn she went from feeling nothing to feeling everything, including desire for the man who's helping her to get better. But when their lives are threatened and her new emotions take over, Cara finds she’s more a killer when she feels and doesn’t like what she sees in herself.

She finds herself in a struggle with the duel sides of herself. The good and the bad. How will she merge them and will Hayden even want her if she could, especially after seeing the bloodshed she’s left in her wake?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2013 4.00