Up in Flames

This was a quick and fun read to fill in your lunch hour. To get a good job Rachel resorted to "babe in disguise," downplaying her looks and bod. She thought no one ever noticed but apparently James has indeed noticed and been biding his time. As Rachel prepares to send his latest lady friend her farewell bouquet she reflects on her fantasies, not knowing he has a few of his own. When they leave the office together and get stuck in the elevator Rachel's claustrophobia kicks in and she gives James clearance to distract her in any way possible. And he picks the best possible way.

I enjoyed this read but would have preferred if James were more "broke up" than that very day being the end of his relationship. Sex in the office is taboo for a reason, and add in the danger of being caught, cameras in the elevator and this quick little read covers a lot of fetishes in a hurry. The sex had a build up of three years (on Rachel's side) so when the deed finally happened it was pretty explosive. James was kind of a prop as the story is told from Rachel's point of view and his character isn't given much detail. All in all a good read.

Book Blurb for Up in Flames

Rachel Masters has had a crush on her sexy boss for three years. As far as she knows the millionaire architect is oblivious to her, walking past her desk every morning with barely a nod in her direction. But when the power goes out and they're trapped in an elevator, the truth comes out in one steamy episode designed to take Rachel's mind off being claustrophobic.

James White doesn't have a crush on his receptionist. He wants her, it's as simple as that. He senses there's a real beauty hidden beneath the granny glasses and professional suites. And he plans to find out how hot she is as soon as the chance presents itself.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2014 3.50