Brides of the Kindred, #18

This story line never gets old. The author has once again managed to snare my attention immediately and to not let go until I've finished the book.

I've been curious about Terex (as I am sure all fans have been) since he was first introduced. Now we find out what secret's he's been hiding and what he experienced at the hands of the evil nemesis who has abused him.

His intended is a feisty woman who won't accept a fatal diagnosis for her sister, and is determined to get the cure regardless to the danger to her own person.

With the previous antagonist MIA I wondered who would be the villain and one should really be careful what they wish for. The new danger to the kindred is daunting and frightening indeed.

These books are for the story and the adventure with prolific and steamy foreplay throughout the book. The characters slowly build to an intimate relationship which is usually the culmination of their bonding. The author does a great job every time creating new adventures that eventually all tie back to the faith of the Kindred and the Goddess who guides them.

I particularly enjoyed the story of Terex and Elaina since this wasn't the first serious relationship for either of them. They had experience and baggage and had to learn to trust and love again. Sigh.

Book Blurb for Uncharted

Commander Terex has had a terrible life. First he lost his mate, then he was taken over by an evil demon, then attacked and mutilated by the Dark Kindred, Two--enemy of his kind. He feels broken and the only thing that can make him whole again is vengeance--or so he thinks.

Elaina Thornton has a secret grief--a sister who is terminally ill with no hope of recovery. She too, feels broken inside--unable to do anything but grieve.

But then a prophecy is spoken--Elaina's healing and Terex's vengeance lie in the same direction, in the mysterious Dark Sector. Ships that fly into this part of the universe never return and yet this is where they must go.

Despite Elaina's fear, she is willing to risk anything to save her sister. Terex just wants revenge. Neither of them is looking for love but sometimes the Goddess has plans of her own. What awaits them in the Dark Sector--love or death? You'll have to read Uncharted to find out!

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2017 4.50