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Forgotten Rebels MC Book 1

I really enjoyed the relationship between Kix and Piper, but it went at warp speed to be sure. The book was front loaded with Piper’s absolutely horrific experiences that drove her into the land of motorcycle clubs and hiding her identity within the walls of her stepbrother’s club. Then we flash to eight years later.

When Kix shows up Piper is no longer a girl but a woman. A sheltered woman even though she grew up in the strong sexual environment that is an MC. I had absolutely no problem believing her fear and anxiety concerning her stalker but absolutely could not believe no one kept tabs on him. Like ever.

The author focused on Piper’s budding sexual awareness and Kix’s dramatic fall into love. Our Kix is a romantic, you see, and he shows that side with Piper only. He’s such a keeper. Piper was the more negative of the two, unwilling to leap without looking; a refreshing switch. The story bumped along nicely, but some details were doled out a little heavily and tipped me off on a few things; didn’t affect my enjoyment though. I will definitely be reading the second book with the big old teaser the author ended the book with.

Book Blurb for Unbroken

When she was eighteen, Piper’s obsessed boyfriend murdered her family right in front of her. She went into police protection, but his family’s wealth made it easy for him to track her down. Desperate and alone, she turned to her step-brother for help. He just happened to be president of a motorcycle club.

Eight years later, the club is patched into a larger club, the White Death MC, and when Piper meets its president, Kix Rockwood, she knows he’s a force to be reckoned with. Kix wants her, but he has no idea about the danger that lurks for her if she leaves the club. Because no matter how long it’s been, someone blames Piper for what happened and wants revenge for the past.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2015 4.00