Brides of the Kindred, #19

There is a new nemesis gunning for the destruction of all life now that things have settled down for the Kindred and the humans who love them. This villain is targeting the human population of the tasty planet called Earth. All villains start somewhere, and while the Hive is old, their presence in our universe is just beginning.

Varin and Brynn are bound when Brynn is but a baby, but the binding only goes one way. In theory Varin is devoted to and protective of Brynn for his entire life. But Brynn dreams of Varin too and that adds a wrinkle.

This story was darker than the others, and while the series is formulaic and follows a certain pattern, I still enjoy each book and the unique individuals who must find their way to one another despite obstacles big and small. Varin is a somewhat nebulous in the beginning and it takes a while to reconcile him as a person rather than just a hulking guard. The story mostly focuses on Brynn and her inability to cope with life in the royal court after being cloistered her entire life. The book is one long series of foreplay and danger, each episode escalating to its natural conclusion.

The introduction of a new kind of kindred as well as a new enemy promises more to come, and may the Goddess be benevolent.

Book Blurb for Unbound

Slave to Love…

Varin is a Vision Kindred and an elite bodyguard, bound to Princess Brynnalla of Galen Prime. Though he can never have her, Varin is sworn to protect her with his life…but there are some things even he can’t protect her from. When Brynn's parents sell her to a race of insectile beings called the Hive as a Breeding Queen, he must risk everything to get her back…even if it means losing his bond with her forever.

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Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2017 4.50