Indecent Werewolf Exposure

Werewolves, Vampires and Demons, Oh My Book 1

The author took the reader for a ride into the land of snarkiness and sarcasm; one of my favorite places to visit. We have Chloe who is experiencing a dry spell romantically after catching her fiancé cheating on her. How he managed that in a world where women are in short supply remains a mystery. Self-esteem suffering aside she manages to snare not one but two men in a short space of time. But wait! They are not men, so to speak. Pete is a werewolf and Anthony is….. something else. Raised in a menage setting Chloe is pretty sure she doesn’t want the lifestyle, even if it comes with tax breaks. What happens when the men interested in her refuse to take no for an answer?

Of the two suitors, I liked Pete better. It started off as Anthony and then Pete pulled ahead in the race due to his personality. Of course, race implies the men are competing and they are, in fact, not. They quickly come to a working solution to both partake of Chloe, and doesn’t that just tick her off! I enjoy this author’s look into the heroine’s way of thinking, as well as the inner, and sometimes outer, dialogue that takes place. That sometimes should be kept private but oops! There it is. This is an alternate universe I wouldn’t mind living in and must say I enjoyed visiting.

Book Blurb for Indecent Werewolf Exposure

It's TGIF, which means in a few hours I'll be tossing back a few martinis with my best friend, Brenda. First, though, I need to deal with my crazy new client, a werewolf who thinks it's okay to pee on his neighbor's flowers because she's a witch. What a shame he's obviously got a few screws loose because bad boy Pete is seriously HOT.

His insanity must be contagious because I did the craziest thing later that night. I let my nemesis in the courtroom, assistant DA Anthony Vanderson, seduce me. In my defense, he's got mesmerizing blue eyes-and a seriously sexy bod. Still, a woman should have some standards.

With my sexual itch scratched, I should be able to go back to my awesome life as a single gal.


My bad boy werewolf is determined to chase me, but he's got competition because Antony is also determined to make me his. What's a poor girl to do? According to my best friend, both of them. But I'm not ready to settle down in a threesome even if the tax breaks are awesome. Just like I don't want to get involved in the investigation surrounding the gory murder of some supposed witches.

I guess a girl can't always get what she wants-but boy, do my two suitors know how to give me what I need.

Warning: This story has received a new look and title. Formerly known as Two's a Couple, Three's the Law. This story contains adult subject matter, menage situations and language that is not suitable for all audiences. Reader discretion is advised.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2013 4.00