Two Days, Three Nights

Victoria is nursing a bruised heart. She was traded in by her fianc‚ for a "dirtier" model. That's a blow to ones ego. Determined to move on she is planning a cruise with a pile of good books and a pitcher of margaritas. All she has to do is get through a party her company is throwing. When a box arrives at her office anonymously containing a gorgeous gift of lingerie, she does the daring thing and does what the note asks her to. She wears it to the party. Contemplating who her benefactor is she can only hope it's a certain man named Hunt. But he's off limits as he's a client. But rules are made to be broken.

Hunt has wanted Victoria since he met her. When she and her fianc‚ part, he starts planning his attack. She shows all the signs of being the perfect submissive and he's determined he'll show her that this weekend. If she wears his lingerie and accepts the challenge.

I was so anxious to read this due to the secret admirer vibe. While Hunt was rich and sexy and all that, he was kind of annoying at times. He just assumed Victoria knew what he wanted and what he was suggesting and I felt it should have been more laid out due to the level of trust involved. Yes they've known one another for over a year, but that's a totally different kind of trust.

The interludes between Hunt and Victoria were hot and spicy, as expected, and part of the game they played. When both concluded they were in love with the other I was surprised; I didn't get that that was where they were headed at all. Emotion didn't seem to factor in much with what they were doing together. I believe a person can fall in love at first sight, but these two just didn't give me that impression. Was I happy they were happy? Well duh. But I didn't think the journey matched the ending. And that detracted a bit from the enjoyment for me.

Book Blurb for Two Days, Three Nights

After ending a disastrous relationship, Victoria longs to take a cruise and indulge in her favorite pastimes, reading and margaritas. Instead, she receives an anonymous gift of lingerie with a handwritten note daring her to wear the garments to a company party. Intrigued by the command, she complies. When she meets her gift-giver in the flesh, Victoria knows she has found the perfect master.

Publisher’s Note: Originally available in the Tied with a Bow anthology. 

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2011 3.75