Twisted in Tulips

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Twisted in Tulips

Tulle and Tulips, Book 2

Misty Morgan dresses in armor. Not the metal kind, but the sexy kind. She’s determined to go in the direct opposite direction of her mother and dresses in sexy, but professional, clothes. Classy but hot. When a drug addict attacks her, her one-armed former military savior blames it on her provocative clothing. Instantly her back goes up. But why do her panties want to seem to fall down?

Jace Nichols missed a once-in-a-lifetime interview because he couldn’t ignore a damsel is distress. When he’s offered a second chance at the job he’s elated until he figures out (he thinks) who is behind it. So begins a battle of wills that always seems to end with them having sex. Battling a lot of anger issues and hurt he finds his altercations with Misty refreshing and healing.

I so wanted to love this story, and I liked it a lot. But between the awesome, impromptu sex scenes there was something missing in the developing relationship between Jace and Misty. And the long separation at the end of the book really didn’t jibe with the ending. A good read with plenty of spice but falling a little short for me in the relationship department.

Book Blurb for Twisted in Tulips

Fate has a way of rearranging everything…

After months of just getting by on military disability pay, Jace Nichols is going for his dream job in Miami. Until he stops to rescue a woman under attack. Thanks to his deeply ingrained sense of duty, he misses his one-shot-only interview—for a woman who seems more grateful he saved her way-too-sexy shoes than her life.

No one knows better than Misty Morgan that everyone is fighting some kind of battle. Hers is against her snobby family, who look down on her chosen profession as a wedding floral coordinator. Behind Jace’s surly exterior she senses wounds that run deeper than a missing arm.

When Jace spots Misty fending off yet another fawning male. he’s not sure what makes his control snap. The fact that she insists on wearing her skirts too short, or the fact he can’t resist kissing her.

Best to get it over with and give in to one crazy night that should get her out of his system. Instead he finds himself with more second chances than he can shake his steel hook at—if he can find room in his wounded heart for love.

Warning: This title contains a jaded hero and an independent heroine who find that when push comes to push-back, an argument is the quickest route to steamy sex.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2012 3.50