Turning Teal

Teal has always fallen in love with the man who saves her.  When her latest love turns out to be a physically abusive and slightly psychopathic lawyer, she needs a way to escape.  When she inherits a cabin in the wilds of Minnesota her lover knows nothing about, she makes a bid for freedom under the cover of darkness with none of her possessions.  She just wants out.  When she finds herself stuck in the snow, she’s overwhelmed.  But a new hero comes out of the darkness to save her.  Will this one be safe to love?

Darren is hiding in the woods.  Recovering from a broken heart and nursing an old football injury, he is shocked to find a beautiful woman stuck in a monster truck in the snow.  He takes her under his wing and teaches her the basics to living in the woods.  The attraction is immediate and mutual.  But can they have a happy ending?

I was a little put off by Teal’s history of glomming on to the next man who rescues her.  But when she started questioning herself, I felt better about her interest in Darren.  Her previous relationships were with damaged men, and while Darren had some issues, none were pathological.

While both can’t resist the other, they are careful and vocal about their concerns.  This added a sense of realism that is usually missing from love at first sight tales.  Their easy camaraderie and seamless segue into romance made for an enjoyable read.  The sex was hot and plentiful and at times creative.  Makes one want to find a cabin in the woods.

The reappearance of Teal’s disturbed lover was expected but more violent then I anticipated.  Teal’s handling of the situation was brave while at the same time unbelievably stupid.  While the end had some shocks, none were unwelcome.  A good read.

Re-Issued Review: Original Dec 9th, 2009.

Book Blurb for Turning Teal

Teal Marin is desperately seeking a new beginning. She wants to become someone new. Someone safe. Someone sane. When she inherits a cabin in the woods of northern Minnesota, she sees an opportunity to escape her physically abusive lover and disappear. From the moment she steps off the bus, she realizes it won’t be easy—these weren’t the streets of Chicago.

As she battles against a new wintery enemy, a tall dark stranger emerges from the darkness. Darren Kennedy is a sports writer, nursing an old football injury and a broken heart in his cabin in the woods. He plucks Teal out the snow and teaches her the basics of cabin life. Together they ignite an unexpected passion that keeps them toasty warm.

Now Teal bathes in snowy, frigid sunshine with her new hero. Did she make a clean break? Not at all. Her former abuser wants his beautiful girl home.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2013 4.50