Turning Point

The things people do when they are young and stupid.  Rico was caught in a situation out of his control, and went to jail for it.  For ten years.  Now he’s out and he’s looking for revenge against the woman he believes put him there.  But did she, really?

Mary Beth collapsed under pressure and voted guilty when she didn’t really believe that Rico did what he was accused of doing.  Too much didn’t add up.  But she did vote guilty, and she’s lived with that guilt for the last ten years. 

Rico and Mary Beth had chemistry all those years ago, and even with all the baggage they both are carrying, that chemistry makes it impossible for them to be anything but lovers.  But there’s more to what is between them than just a physical relationship, and that’s what’s causing all the doubt and insecurity that threatens to tear them apart.  A serious subject, a love that was meant to be, and the angst associated with all that they’ve endured, Turning Point was a hot, thought-provoking read that I read from start to finish in one sitting.

Book Blurb for Turning Point

Part of the Tarot Cafe series.

Convicted at nineteen of a brutal crime he did not commit, Rico Zanini survived ten years in prison because of a driving need to seek revenge against the juror who could have set him free. Mary Beth Hunter, an eighteen-year-old with the face of a Madonna, fiery red hair and a body that cried out to him to take her, had stirred his passion. For ten years, he hated her as much as he craved her.

Finally freed through The Innocence Project, Rico sets out to find Mary Beth and make her suffer the way he had. Mary Beth is now a successful attorney. They agree they have differences to settle, but their passion overshadows their best intentions.

With nothing in common but anger and insatiable desire, Rico makes Mary Beth’s body sing as no other man ever has. But is passion enough to make Rico forget the past and give them a chance at love?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2009 3.50