Turning Paige

Haunted almost nightly by a man who sets her on fire, staid librarian Paige is about at the end of her rope.  All she can remember is his eyes.  Needing to unwind, she scores some Irish truffles and proceeds to get smashed on them.  When she wakes the next morning, she knows she’s had another encounter with her dream lover, but she doesn’t need to remember any more about him; he’s lying next to her!


Seamus has dreamed of a woman who brings him to the edge of release and then she disappears.  When he once again finds himself in her bed, and he finds himself still with her, he finally finds completion in his dream lovers’ arms.  Now knowing she is his soul mate, he doesn’t understand her resistance.  Can a woman from today find happily ever after with a man from long ago? 


Thinking the man claiming to be a warrior from ancient Ireland is touched, Paige makes some decisions and contacts people to help her decide what to do.  What sane woman wouldn’t?  But as their time together continues, Paige begins to think Seamus is telling the truth about his identity.  When the inability to agree on his identity and what they mean to one another comes to a head, Seamus disappears from her life just as quickly as he showed up.  Realizing his significance, Paige is devastated she’ll never see him again.  Will they be able to reunite and live the life together the fates meant them to?


If a total escape from reality appeals, Turning Paige delivers.  What woman doesn’t want a warrior destined to be hers to show up in her bed?  The wide span of time between their societies proves no match for the chemistry between them.  It doesn’t hurt that Seamus is from the time period Paige is an expert on, either.  An exhibit to support the existence of love at first sight and happily-ever-after, Turning Paige was a delightful dip in the pool of fantasy.

Book Blurb for Turning Paige

Librarian Paige’s life has gone to hell. Her loss of sleep thanks to some pretty erotic dreams isn’t helping any. After a particularly bad day, she overloads on a batch of Irish truffles. As she falls asleep, her last wish is that her passionate dream lover were real. When she wakes in the morning, she finds him naked in her bed.

Seamus doesn’t know why he started dreaming of this woman, but instinct has him seducing her before he even knows her name. The temptress fills his every need…but she refuses to accept him as her soul mate.

Paige cannot believe the passion Seamus stirs within her. Falling in love isn’t something she planned for, but Paige doesn’t think she can let him go. Soon, his appearance disrupts her life and her career. Will Paige be able to accept the changes he has wrought, or will her fear of change bring disaster for both of them?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2009 3.25