Tuesday Afternoons

She’s sees him every Tuesday.  She doesn’t know his name.  He doesn’t know hers.  But they have talked and shared parts of themselves for three months.  Casey wants him, and has highly sexual dreams about her stranger.  He’s younger, but they connect.

Zak waits for her every Tuesday with anticipation.  He wants her, and decides to make a move that could change his life, and hers, forever.  Will she say yes?

Wow.  Fantasy to the max.  No strings attached with a hot younger man.  Who would say no??  But what Casey thought was a one night stand was much more to Zak.  She couldn’t fathom him wanting more.  But he makes it obvious he wants a lot more and won’t take no for an answer.

I absolutely adored this story.  Zak had a rebuttal for every excuse Casey had.  She was only fighting herself after all.  His devotion and dedication made my mouth water and envy rear its ugly head.  It was a book for crying out loud!  This was a guilty pleasure that had me heaving a sigh when it was over.  I will definitely be pulling this one out to read again.  And again.

Book Blurb for Tuesday Afternoons

Book Length: Novella
A normally uneventful walk home from work is about to become steamy…
For months, Casey’s had sensual fantasies about the stranger she encounters every Tuesday afternoon—a younger, unobtainable man. But this Tuesday, he proposes something more, an illicit encounter to indulge the desire simmering inside them both. Casey has a decision to make, but there’s only one answer—yes.
It’s time to release her inner bad girl for a no-holds-barred Tuesday like none other.
Note: Part of the proceeds from this book is being donated to the family of Lara Anne Punches, whose life ended tragically and too early.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2009 5.00