Condemned Series, #1

Who would think you’d find the man of your dreams on a prison planet? But Bella does. He initially presents as a man without humanity but he has a hidden core of honor that draws Bella from the first. He’s bigger and stronger than any man she’s ever met as a result of his incarceration on the planet Dragath25 and uses his assets to get what he hasn’t had in years. A woman. Not just to use up and discard, but to cherish and pleasure as only he can.

What a phenomenal read this was. Most women go into a relationship with a bad boy thinking they’ll change them into something else, but not Bella. She takes 673 as is and is pleasantly surprised when he turns out to be more heroic than most. Even he doesn’t believe he’s a good person so the revelation strikes them both differently. It gives Bella hope that she can keep him and totally confuses 673.

The author built a vivid image of Dragath25 and all it’s horrors in my mind. The fact that 673 has lived there for years is hard to fathom. The planet brings out the true character of all those who live there, and Bella finds that those considered honorable at home are really the lowest of the low when confronted with difficult choices and their own personal safety.

There were mild themes of domination between Bella and 673 but his overall caring is what I was most impressed with. This first book by this author was an excellent romance with a lot of action, drama, violence and overall entertainment that kept me steadily reading until the end.

Book Blurb for Trapped

You use me for protection. I use you for pleasure. Simple as that.

Cadet Bella West has one simple objective when she joins the scientific mission to Dragath25, the notorious penal planet housing Earth’s condemned. She will accept any risk to enable her siblings to share in the disappearing resources reserved for Earth’s elite. But when her shuttle crashes, her simple mission becomes complicated fast. Now, to stay alive she’ll have to depend on one of Dragath’s own. But such protection doesn’t come free.

Convicted of a crime he didn’t commit, ex-soldier Caine Anders has become more beast than man after eight grueling years on an unforgiving planet of dirt and rock—and even more treacherous inhabitants. He doesn’t look out for anyone but himself and he certainly never grows attached. So when the bold female offers him pleasure in return for protection, he takes the deal without hesitation. He never expects how her touch will alter him. Or the realization that saving her may be the key to his own salvation.

But caring for someone on Dragath25 may be the greatest hazard of all.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2016 4.50