Trading Teon

The Beast Masters #1

First in a series, the story starts with a prison ship full of women landing on a desolate planet. Teon, a sort of leader by default, helps calm the women as she assesses the situation. While not really given a choice it’s better than going to the prison planet and ending up dead. A lot of courting and foreplay is bypassed, as speed is necessary to claim a woman before another can snag the one you want. How romantic. NOT! But the men are hot, the story unique, and the end result happy. What more could you ask for?

A planet of hot shape shifters desperate for women. And they have to buy them? You’d think they have trouble keeping them out, but the author explains that the planet is remote and somewhat primitive. Again, so????? Kidding aside, the women on the cargo ship heading to prison are lucky they instead land on Ralen. The tried and true “beast recognizing mate” is employed to move things along, but the catch is Teon, our innocent inmate, has attracted two shifters. Garon and Lorne decide to share rather than rip each other to shreds. Lucky Teon.

Book Blurb for Trading Teon

Garon and Lorne, shapeshifting males of the Ralenium race, are fierce guns for hire in the universe. When a cargo ship transporting women charged with crimes by the Galactic Star Union arrives on their planet, the men make the traders an offer they can't refuse. Planet Ralen is sorely lacking in women, and the males have an inborn desire to dominate, to tame females and to reproduce. When their inner beasts' clocks start ticking and the burning need to spread their seed consumes them, they go on the hunt for the perfect female. Too bad both men want the same woman.

Teon, a lady with a place in high society, thought life as she knew it was over when she was wrongfully charged with a crime by her stepmother. A prisoner en route to a barren planet to serve her sentence, she's presented with an opportunity to start over again on the planet Ralen. The catch is she has to be willing to be claimed by two males. Not just any males mind you, two burning hunks who are ready to fight to the death if need be to share her bed.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2013 3.50