Touching Ice

Cyborg Seduction Book 4

Nobody told Megan her well-paying job kept her locked in her quarters at all times. And they are anything but roomy. With nothing but a computer with a southern twang and an attitude for company, Megan focuses on an obviously not human patron who frequents the automated whorehouse she supervises anonymously. Everyone thinks the pleasure craft is devoid of humans due to an incident in the past, so when a crash takes out the ship, Megan decides to impersonate a bot to avoid being killed by the cyborgs who are currently doing business on the ship. Everyone thought that cyborgs were dead, but Megan now knows different. That’s dangerous.

While Megan thinks she’s getting away with her subterfuge, Ice and his companions know different. Deciding to observe and assess, Ice pushes Megan thinking she’ll confess. But instead she submits and he is suddenly understanding why his friends have taken humans to wife. Determined to stay detached, Ice doesn’t know he’s fighting a losing battle that he has no hope of winning. And in the end, he won’t want to.

Another winner in the Cyborg Series. The bigger they are the harder they fall. Ice is a great example of that old saying and it was a pleasure to read about him and Megan falling in love even though they repeatedly voiced their decision not to. Hah! The sex was hot, prolific, creative and steamy. As always, we are left wanting more and a hint of a future story. I personally can ‘t wait.

Book Blurb for Touching Ice

What can go wrong overseeing a bunch of android sex bots on an automated whorehouse in deep space? Great job, if Megan doesn’t die of boredom. Then she catches sight of the sexiest male she’s ever seen. On her grainy security monitor, she watches all his sexual exploits with the bots, and fantasizes. But that’s all she can do because he’s a cyborg. Then fate steps in.

There’s a crash and Megan must escape or die. The cyborgs are rescuing the sex bots—taking them onboard their ship. She knows cyborgs hate humans. They’ll kill her if she asks for help so she devises an insane plan—pretend to be the most realistic sex bot ever made.

His name is Ice, and Megan is now his personal sex bot. He will satisfy every sexual fantasy she’s ever had—and as many more as she can dream up. She just has to figure out how to keep her big, sexy cyborg from discovering that she is all woman.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2011 4.50