Touch Me

Eden Morell has some issues. Convinced sex is overrated and that she is not desirable, she’s kind of put herself on the shelf. She has her store, her friends and her writing. Then Sean Rafferty rides into her life and teaches her about herself, physics and makes her laugh. He makes no apologies that she turns him on and he intends to seduce her. 
Suddenly a woman who thinks she doesn’t have a sexual urge in her body is thinking about it with Sean all the time. And when thinking becomes reality? Watch out.
This is a cute little quickie that I enjoyed. Admirable for addressing what society wants us to think is the idea woman, Eden and Sean set the pages ablaze. Sean talking about what he intended to do was almost as good as when they actually got to it. If you have a little time and are looking for something steamy, this would be it. 

Book Blurb for Touch Me

Book 5 in the Sexplorations series.

I’m Eden Morell and I’m content with my life. So I’m overweight and don’t care much for sex since it doesn’t ring any of my bells. Who cares? Not me. I have my store, my friends and my writing. That’s all I need. Or at least I thought it was until this crazy wild man drives his motorbike into my life, teaches me about physics and makes me laugh. He also intends to seduce me.

The strange thing? I find I want him to. All of a sudden, sedate Eden is turning into sex-crazed Eden, and I’m barely even worrying about how I look naked. All I want is for him to touch me. And when he does? Oh wow…


Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2009 3.50