Topping the Domme

Crime and Punishment, #1

This was a dark and dirty read that isn't for the faint of heart. Karina and Brayden are co-workers with the same kink; domination. When a murderer starts targeting submissives they are the natural ones tagged for the case. Multiple problems arise including the latest victim was Karina's friend and that to catch the killer Karina must play the submissive. Added internal drama ensues when Karina discovers she LIKES being a submissive more than playing the domme. And we find out she may be connected to the killer in relation to an incident in her past. Yikes!

Brayden was a treat and I envisioned him as totally yummy. He handled Karina with confidence and empathy and always in the right doses. Karina was a woman in a man's world and she didn't hide her femininity to do it. These two were flammable from the beginning and I find it hard to believe they didn't connect before this case, but that is covered (sort of) in the progression of the book.

The author had me guessing all through the book and I never did ferret out the killer before the big reveal. The descriptions of the murders was pretty graphic and frankly bothered me; I don't want to believe another human would do that to someone on purpose. This was a real good read, with a lot of D/s play and just plain sex. And we are introduced to Master Delacroix, who I look forward to reading his story real soon. An entertaining read.

Book Blurb for Topping the Domme

NCIS agents, Karina and Brayden, one homicide, the other narcotics, must go undercover to catch a serial killer who’s left a trail of submissive bodies throughout Atlanta. They’re disguised as a young couple in love and exploring their interest in BDSM. The only catch is they’re both Doms.

Karina isn’t real happy with her new role as a submissive, but the hunky Brayden knows just what to do to turn her normally dominant personality into a mewling submissive one. Her sassy nature thrills Brayden and simultaneously attracts the serial killer.

When Karina’s taken captive, Brayden must use every asset at his disposal to find her, including the physic ability of FBI agent and Dom, Master Nathan Delacroix. As Brayden sees the pain Karina is in through the connection Nathan has with her, he realizes just how much the stubborn Domme has come to mean to him. The question is can he get to her in time.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2014 4.00