Tomorrow: Hunters for Hire

The corrupt Amalgamation wants to end the rebellion. Determined not to be a figurehead only, rebel Princess Cerise Chessienne goes out on her own. Captured by bounty hunter Tie, Cerise uses her before unused power to enslave a man with sex. Now the two can’t get enough of one another. 
Cerise’s protector and mentor Regan (and the man she’s secretly loved for years) comes to her rescue The most feared pirate in the galaxy, he finds his former long-lost lover Tie is now bound to his ward. He always thought Cerise would be his. A triangle of epic proportions is revealed. 
Everyone has one person they are supposed to be with. But what if you have two? And what if the government is trying to execute all three of you? Somehow, they have to figure out how to be together, avoid capture, and lead a rebellion simultaneously. 
Wowza. The pace of this hot, smoking, steaming, epic love story was non-stop. Never did I get bored, or wonder when it would end. I was hard pressed not to skip to the end and see how it all turned out. Emotional to the extreme and full of angst on all sides, I absolutely adored Tomorrow. The sub story of the Rebellion made for great action scenes. The pasts and self-doubts of Regan and Tie were heart wrenching. Cerise’s doubts of her value as a woman were also compelling. Do not miss this fabulous read. 

Book Blurb for Tomorrow: Hunters for Hire

A Hunters for Hire book.

What if a beautiful rebel princess, on the run from an evil government, fell in love with the pirate who rescued her and with the bounty hunter who captured her? And what if the pirate and the bounty hunter used to be lovers?

Princess Cerise Chessienne has the power to enslave men with sex. She’s never used it—until now.

Regan is the most feared pirate in the galaxy, renowned for two things—his temper and his loyalty to the princess.

When bounty hunter Tie captures Cerise, he gives in to his desires. Now the two are addicted to sex with each other. Then Cerise leads Tie to his long-lost lover Regan, and Tie realizes that tomorrow—the day he starts his life over—has arrived.

The Amalgamation wants to execute all three of them. So what are a beautiful princess, a pirate and a philosophical bounty hunter to do? Have amazing sex, of course. And somehow lead the rebellion while avoiding capture.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2009 5.00