Tinsel Town

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Tinsel Town

Being the smart redhead in a family of bubbly blonde cheerleaders can be daunting.  Kate Frazier has always been different, and when she was singled out by the town cutie to court and wed, she was thrilled. She thought, until she caught him in bed with the mayor’s daughter. Determined to put that behind her she moves away and pursues a quiet life with her music as the focus. Now it’s time to go back for her youngest sisters wedding, and she’ll have to face her former fiancé. What she needs is a man, now. And wouldn’t Mr. 213 from her apartment building be perfect? A girl can dream……

Dr. Clive Thibodaux is a professor on human sexuality. While visiting with the madam he was using as a source for his next book he sees a photo of the woman he’s been eyeing in his apartment building. Apparently she’s been a good girl and a friend of hers has bought her a male escort for Christmas. She wants to learn about sex, and rather than the escort assigned to the task, he should be the one tutoring her. So begins a relationship he immediately feels is the one, but is based on a lie. 
Loved it! While the storyline is anything but new it was really well-written and the chemistry between Kate and Clive is enviable. Kate is delightful with her desire to learn but her inherent modesty and insecurity based on her experiences growing up the odd one in her family. Clive is more equipped than most to woo a woman and immediately has her off-balance, but that’s not what he wants. He wants forever. With smoking sex unknown to Kate before Clive, public encounters of the steamy kind, and feelings of love for a man she thinks she can never have, this story was an absolute winner. Not to be missed. 

Book Blurb for Tinsel Town

Genre: Full-figured Heroine Erotic Contemporary

Length: Novella

Kate wanted a man who could teach her all about sex. But what she really needed was a pretend boyfriend to make it through the holidays with her family, and to play her date at her little sister's wedding. Then her friend surprises her with an early Christmas gift...a male escort!

Dr. Clive Thibodaux was shadowing a madam, gathering information for his book on human sexuality and modern man, when he spies the file for Kathleen Frazier. His very hot neighbor was getting one hell of a gift this year: a man of her very own. Jumping at the opportunity to be with the sexy violin player, he casts himself in the role of would-be-suitor...and tutor of sexual desire. There are only a few small hitches in his planned seduction, like her jealous ex-fiancé, her over protective family, and the fact that she has no idea Clive isn't who he's led Kate to believe he is.

In a town where all that glitters isn't just the tree tinsel from the local factory, can Kate and Clive give each other something more precious than gold?

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, light bondage, exhibitionism.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2009 4.50