Till Death Do Us Part

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Till Death Do Us Part

What a painful situation.  While some of the pain inflicted was unnecessary and due to pride, it just seemed to hit Sara in waves.  The love between Sara and Connor was beautiful and pure, and it was horrible when he was taken from her.

Sara was so young, and so susceptible to her parents demands.  But she became a strong woman as the story progressed and I grew to respect her.  The life Sara built with Aaron was kind of skimmed over, but I got the impression they were happy.  But when Connor comes back, and brings his demands with him, that is when I started to get angry.

An unbearable situation, and no matter which way Sara turns she will hurt someone deeply.  But the person she ends up hurting the most is herself.  A story that spanned 10 years, this was an intricate read.  Lots of surprises kept popping up for Sara, some too horrible to believe.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, and the only problem I had was a little trouble with the timeline sometimes.  But it didn’t detract from the story, and makes one wonder what they would do in a similar situation.

Book Blurb for Till Death Do Us Part

Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
Book Length: Full Length
Heat Level: Hot
Word Count: 56,000


Sara loved Connor, but he was from the wrong side of the tracks. They eloped and her father had him murdered or so she thought. Pregnant and desperate to escape an arranged marriage Sara married Connor's best friend, Aaron. When Connor returns very much alive, Sara is forced to choose between her first love and the new love she's found.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2009 4.25