Three's Allowed, #2

Elizabeth really doesn't know the man she's been married to for ten years. Deployed more than he's home, she's noticed he's changed over the years, and this time he's snapped completely. When she sees the opportunity to escape she takes it and inadvertently involves Michael Enwright in the drama that is her life. Also drawn in is Graeme Kennedy, former high school boyfriend and now Sherriff. When the two men join forces to protect her from her psychopathic husband, things take unexpected turns but Elizabeth ends up where she's always wanted to be.

Barry Ashford has lived a lie. A lie he told his wife and himself. When she rebels against his accusations he goes off the deep end and is going to take Elizabeth and anyone around her with him. He's highly skilled, trained in deception, and has no conscience. Who's going to win in the ultimate game of cat and mouse?

Barry was just plain scary from my point of view, and I shudder to think that there are men who are really like him out in society. He took a sickness and used it to his advantage and managed to slip under the radar and function as a normal citizen when he was in the states. He was either an awesome actor or Elizabeth wasn't paying attention to miss such a flaw. As Elizabeth didn't appear stupid, and we are later made aware of her reasoning to marry him, I have to feel sorry for her. What a wake up call.

Michael and Graeme were both presented as hot alpha males and that is what attracted me to the story in the first place. I was also pleased to see that they had a softer side as well. What detracted from the story for me was the seemingly instantaneous morph into a serious relationship. While Michael showed some resistance to Graeme, it was short-lived. What did make sense was Michael's fear that he was an afterthought as Elizabeth and Graeme had a history. How that was handled made sense as well.

All in all a good, if unbelievable, three-way romance. But this is, after all, fiction. It was certainly hot and steamy and I got the emotional connection they felt for one another. The attention paid to Graeme's trauma was appreciated and the fact that he couldn't just "be a man and get over it" the most believable part of the story. A good entertaining read with a lot of spice.

Book Blurb for Rescued

Elizabeth Ashford tries to escape her wife-beating husband before he kills her, by running into the wilderness near a highway rest area. Michael Enwright is a self-made millionaire and expert in high tech security. At the first rest stop of his long overdue sabbatical, he sees the fleeing woman and intervenes, saving Elizabeth’s life, while nearly losing his own.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2011 3.75