Three Sinful Wishes

Sinful Desires

Dani always knew Liam was something special. She just never let herself see him as a man. Until a spider in her shower forces Dani to acknowledge what her body and heart have known all along. Liam is the one. But when she and her best friend's get together and make a wish, Dani is confronted with more temptation than just Liam. Can she forget the past that has made her into a woman afraid to live, or will that past catch up to her and ruin the new life she's made?

Sinful Sensations

Bailey is one of a kind and isn't afraid to flaunt it. When Cameron Locke, the new owner of the inn she works at, notices and starts making moves she's torn. Sleeping with the boss can be messy, and the boss's best friend is yummy too. What's a girl to do?

Sinful Pleasures

Kaya refuses to be a product of her upbringing. Or rather her lack of an upbringing. Assigning herself to the task of seeing to her younger siblings, she is constantly at odds with her relatives. A Hopi Indian with mystical powers she inherited from her grandfather, Kaya lives with a lot of extra stress. Jace, the sexy Chef who is a friend of one of her best friends men, is exasperating as usual. But now he is also starring in heated visions. Could Jace's attitude be hiding something else? And what about Nick? Jace's best friend. Why is she drawn to him as well?

Each of these stories has a steamy m‚nage scene, which sets it apart from your usual read. Living out her wildest fantasies with the men of her dreams is the basis of each woman's tale, and they are all artfully entwined together. While not one story stood out above the others I have to say Dani's was my fav. She and Liam had quite a background and history, as well as trust, but still had some whoppers to reveal. Bailey's story was probably the most carnal with both Cam and Davide being take charge alpha types. And Kaya's adds something special as two adversaries finally admit what all the fuss is about, and Nick is introduced as not only a contender but also an equal. His high-schoolish fluttering around Kaya was adorable.

Just as the women are polar opposites, so are their respective stories. With the touch of paranormal running through all three this was a delightfully entertaining read. I will now certainly be on the lookout for more books by this talented author.

Book Blurb for Three Sinful Wishes

In hot and steamy Sedona, Arizona, three women are about to be granted their most intimate desires.

Dani, Bailey, and Kaya think they know what they want from life- success, independence, and a gorgeous man to share their beds-but when they perform an old wish-making ritual together, each of them gets a sinful surprise.

In these three interrelated love stories, these women discover that two is company...and three is even better.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2011 4.50