Three Signatures for the Lady

Anna is on the hunt for signatures for her petition, but what she bags is a fantasy come true. Three sterling examples of masculinity wait behind the door she's approaching and she's woman enough to accept the challenge. Frank answers the door in a towel and things just improve from there. A night with these men, and Frank in particular, are just what she needed. But when she and Frank continue seeing one another, she quickly realizes she needs more than just the best sex ever. What will Frank's reaction be to her calling their sexathon to a halt?

Frank would have been plenty for me, but Jeff and Steve didn't hurt. More into each other than anything else, Jeff and Steve were just added sensation for Frank and Anna. The relationship between Anna and Frank was the real focus. While their relationship developed in reverse, the ending of this fantasy come true was cute and unexpected and added a nice touch to what could have been an all too predictable tale. Easy reading and a great escape.

Book Blurb for Three Signatures for the Lady

Anna Paulson needs another hundred signatures for her petition to reach this week’s goal, and on this hot, summer Friday evening, she has one more doorbell to ring before she calls it quits for the day. Then she’ll be at it again first thing in the morning.

Then Frank Burke answers the door wearing only a towel, and she enjoys some innocent flirting with a man who appears much younger than her. The flirting becomes less innocent as she’s invited to join his roommates for dinner and a movie on their big screen TV.

Anna surrenders to her fantasy and participates in a ménage a quatre, spending a very intoxicating night in bed with Frank, Jeff, and Steve. But after a few weeks of the best sex of her life in a relationship that doesn’t seem to exist outside of the bedroom, Anna decides it’s time to get back to reality. But Frank won’t let her go that easily.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2011 3.75