The Wolf In The Woods

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The Wolf In The Woods

Lost in the woods, Red is kind of shocked to find herself looking at a large male wolf. He doesn’t seem dangerous, until he shifts right in front of her into a man. A really hot man. A really hot man who snuggles her next to a tree and kisses the daylights out of her. How far they would have gone without exchanging a word will remain a mystery as rangers looking for her interrupt them. He shifts back into a wolf and hides. For now. He’s found his mate and will be back for her.

Rutgar knew Red was the one. Her scent called to him. Before Red knows what hit her, Rutgar rides up to her and her grandmother’s camp and whisks her away to a romantic interlude. But to her shock, it’s not just sex. It’s forever. Seems she mated herself to a werewolf, and the get to know you part kind of was skipped completely. Now what?

Sex with a stranger is always a hot read. Sex with a stranger and having to keep that stranger forever is a little daunting. Poor Red. Thank goodness she had Grandma and her wisdom to help her sort out her wildly careening feelings. Rutgar was a little too alpha in that he didn’t give Red a choice, but he makes up for it with heartfelt feelings. With the rogue wolf thrown in to add some danger and tension, this was a quick read that was cheeky as well as sexy.

Book Blurb for The Wolf In The Woods

Lost in the woods when on a Canada Day camping trip with her grandmother at Algonquin Park, Red finds herself chased by a large male wolf. Shocked when the wolf shape-shifts into a gorgeous man, she is unable to tell him no when he takes her into his arms and kisses her senseless.

Rutgar knew Red was his mate from the first whiff of her scent. Out on his daily evening run through the woods in his wolf form, he can't resist the pull she has over him. The mating urge rides him to claim her as his mate.

Not pleased to find herself bound to Rutgar without her consent, Red soon learns another werewolf forms a greater danger than an unexpected mating ever could. 

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2010 3.25