The Truth About Numbnuts and Chubbs

NYC Confidential, #1

OMG this was a hysterical read that still managed to set my panties afire. Acquainted at a young age as they stood for their cousin’s wedding, they had a major reaction to one another. The stupidity of youth turned it into name-calling and such, but deep down they were both attracted. Years later, and a lot of relationships behind them both, they meet again and it’s fabulously entertaining. This had me laughing as well as breathless and was riddled with twists and turns and some big reveals at the end that warmed my heart. Definitely a book I’ll read again.

There is nothing worse than being the fat bridesmaid. Add in braces and Bryony could just DIE. And does Ben have to be so suave and debonair, at least from her teenage perspective? As he juggles girls she dubs him Numbnuts and he calls her Chubbs. She couldn’t get away fast enough. Now a professional woman she’s determined her newest assignment will help get her that corner office. Until she meets the client.

Ben had to struggle not to laugh when he imagined Bryony’s face when she realized he was the client. And when he sees her he knows his plan to get her out of his system is a good one. She’s dangerous to his bachelorhood and he’s determined not to fall victim to the ball and chain syndrome striking down men of his acquaintance. What he doesn’t count on is Bryony valuing herself enough to resist his legendary charm and practiced seductions. Who will win the battle for supremacy?

Book Blurb for The Truth About Numbnuts and Chubbs

Raised in a tough Brooklyn neighborhood, they're both scrappers who survived their share of struggles. But Ben turned his bad-boy reputation into a billion-dollar business empire. Now he lives in a Central Park penthouse, travels in his private jet and gets everything the way he wants it.

That is, until he runs into Bryony again.

The girl he once called "Chubbs" is all grown up, smart as a whip and has curves that silicone can't recreate. She also has no patience for "Numbnuts" Petruska. Sure, she might have had a crush on him...once. But if he plans to trap her in his web of sex games, turning her into another submissive conquest, he's in for a surprise.

This time he's about to bite the panties off the wrong woman. Or maybe she's been the right one all along.

Be Warned: anal sex, sex toys, public exhibition, light BDSM

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2013 4.50