The Scent of His Woman

Northern Wild Book 1

You had to feel sorry for poor Kennedy; strange dreams, change in appetite. Her loving family bundles up the gang for a woodland vacation and it's just what Kennedy needed to finally unravel the mysterious goings on in her life. She's not human.

Trace is described as basically crabby but hot. All it takes is his mate to get him to re-engage with life and being around other people. A recluse, he's a bit clumsy and resistant, but instincts exist for a reason. He's mentor as well as lover and life looks brighter with Kennedy in it.

This was a quick read that flowed well and kept me entertained. Some steam factor as well as some laughter moved things along. I would have liked more about what put Trace in such a mood, but see it is the first book in a series. The conclusion to the book showed both Trace and Kennedy at ease with their emotions and with each other. A win/win.

Book Blurb for The Scent of His Woman

Kennedy Cole doesn’t know who she really is. Orphaned as a child, she was adopted by an amazing family and raised as their own. So, when she begins to act strange, they arrange a vacation that’ll bring them all closer together. It works, the northern wilderness seems to sooth something deep inside her, that is, until she smells him and everything in her world shifts… including her.

Reclusive cougar shifter, Trace Grady, hates humans almost as much as he hates his own kind. A quiet life in the northern forests of Canada is the only thing he desires, until she crosses his path and ignites a burning desire to mate so intense that it takes every ounce of willpower to stop himself from pouncing on her delectable body.

Walking away isn’t an option when all you can think about it your mate, but what if it’s for her own protection?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2017 4.00