The Morning After

Totally happy and totally in love, Leslie is devastated when her father presents her with video proof of her husband Leo’s betrayal. One can’t argue with video. Locking Leo out of the house and immediately filing for divorce is easy and what she feels she must do. Wouldn’t any woman? Determined to purge Leo from her heart she goes to a bar intent on screwing him out of her life with another man. But the next morning her night is a blur and she is in the arms of the one man she now hates.

Leo is at a loss. He is blissfully happy and in love with Leslie. But then she locks him out of the house and refuses to speak to him. Her father, who has always hated him, is more than happy to act the guard dog. When he finds himself in a situation to get Leslie to himself, and save her from a slimebag in the process, he takes it. And takes his wife to bed. The next morning he is determined to get to the bottom of Leslie’s reasoning behind the divorce, using whatever means he must to achieve his goal.

This was uber hot. And not just in the sex. Leo’s determination to get back his woman was just as hot. Leslie is a little insecure and has some problems that prohibit her from being fully involved in Leo’s professional life which is what plants the seeds of possibility for Leslie to believe he has betrayed their vows. Interfering in-laws aside, I thought Leslie jumped too quickly on the divorce bandwagon although I totally understand her motivation. My only complaint would be that this was such a short read.

Book Blurb for The Morning After

Waking up naked in bed with a man’s arms holding you close wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing…except when that man is your husband.

Leslie has tried so hard to put Leo’s betrayal behind her—the ink was almost dry on the divorce papers. But when circumstances throw her in bed with her estranged husband one last explosive time, Leslie learns how quickly anger can turn to passion and hurt can turn to need, even while she knows there’s no way she can ever trust him again.

What Leslie considers goodbye, Leo insists is only the beginning. But the damage between them runs too deep, and sometimes, the only thing more devastating than the night before, is the morning after...

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2010 5.00