The Mistress takes a Mate

Mistress of the City, #5

Well that came out of nowhere! The author once again managed to surprise and awe with another twist in the tale of Reena and Archer. Just when I got used to the idea of Archer being a mythical Hellhound, we find out he's not as special as we thought. This story focused a bit more on Archer's origins and I liked getting some answers. It also narrowed in on Reena's alpha side and how she felt and acted when her man was threatened. She definitely gained points for girl power.

The addition of the other hellhounds really brings out Archer's possessive tendencies (which I loved) and made his feelings and desires where Reena are concerned more concentrated. When he lets his primal side go, things heat up pretty quickly and things get serious between the two in a hurry. I'm sad to see the story arc of Reena and Archer reach a (satisfying) conclusion, but then I know the author will always have something new for me to read.

Book Blurb for The Mistress takes a Mate

One Hellhound in town is sexy. A squad of them? Not so much.

Lycan overlord, Reena, is all about a romantic night out with her sexy-as-hellhound lover, Archer. Until their evening is rudely interrupted by a group of hellhounds bent on kidnap and heaven knows what else.

What she does know is that they kidnapped the city's biggest bitch. Something she intends to prove with claws and blood to get her man back...

*Please be aware that this is a romance short**

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The Mistress takes a Mate

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2015 5.00